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Are you ready to go from surviving to thriving? To live in joy instead of fear?

Is it time to release stuck patterns and make new choices? To heal your life?

With Lynda’s guidance you can expand and awaken every level of your consciousness by following the wisdom of your Higher Self.


Payment by Master Card/Visa only.

Sessions by appointment in advance.

Telephone or Online Video Sessions available.

Send the contact form or email me at: InSightbyLynda@gmail.com

Call 303-905-4488

Lynda’s sessions include nontraditional, traditional, mystical and metaphysical explorations, which will elevate you to the next level in your personal and spiritual journey.

Contact Lynda now and find your life purpose!

About Lynda
About Lynda

Schedule a Session
Schedule a Session

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Lynda specializes in:

  • Life Decisions
  • Emotional Difficulties
  • Relationship Issues
  • Healing & Transformation
  • Options & Choices
  • Career, Money & Business Concerns
  • Spiritual & Personal Growth
  • Exploring & Changing Old Beliefs
  • Metaphysical challenges
  • Higher Consciousness
  • Goals Creation
  • Mental, Spiritual and Emotional Healing
  • Radical Self-Acceptance
  • And Much More

Each 60-minute session includes:

  • Insightful Life-Transformation Coaching
  • Intuitive-Psychic Tarot
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Inner Exploration
  • Empathic Guidance
  • Creativity
  • Skills Training in the Law of Attraction
  • Decades of Experience

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